Men’s haircuts at BlownCityMen’s Haircuts at BlownCity


BlownCity is not just a luxurious treat for women. Men have every bit as much of a claim to our posh hair salon as women do. Men’s haircuts are just as important as women’s haircuts. If you’re stuck in a rut going to the same barber you’ve been going to for years, rocking the same hairstyle you’ve had since 2006, we have one word for you: BlownCity. We just might be the key to the new era and new level of style for you.

Blowout Hair, Don’t Care

Our blow dry bar is not just for women. And as a matter of fact, we are proud to offer all kinds of cuts and style options for men.

One of the more popular styles for men’s haircuts is known as a “Temple fade” or ‘”Brooklyn fade.” This kind of cut is shaved short at the temples. The fade stops just behind the ear and can go up to the top of the temple or as far as the corner of the forehead. It’s a more subtle way to add in an undercut or fade to your look.

Alternatively, for a bit more coverage, try the burst fade, a similar cut that tapers hair all the way around the ear. The hair on top will be left at a length chosen by you, so you can get the style you want.

The men’s blowout haircut originated in the 90’s and had a pretty strong run, growing  stronger in the early 2000’s – especially in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. The trend’s reach expanded greatly when Pauly D of “Jersey Shore” popularized it with his signature flat-top hairstyle.

Men’s Haircuts for Every Type and Style

Today, there are a variety of style variations for short or tall (long) hair, straight or curly hair. Men’s haircut styles have reached from the likes of David Beckham down to the average joe with the Calvin Klein modelesque messy hairstyle. The right men’s haircut will compliment your style and give you a put-together, stylish and effortless look.

There are endless variations for men’s haircuts – all you need to do is tell us what you’re after. Whether you want classy waves, a curly blowdry, a more messy style (which is usually result of creative and strategic trimming in addition to the blowout), a textured rollover, hard part blowdry, pushback waves or something else, our expert hairstylists can do it for you.

Put BlownCity to the Test!

Still not sure a blow dry bar is the kind of hair salon you need? Come into BlownCity and talk to our expert stylists and we will show you what you’ve been missing. Don’t go another week without giving BlownCity a try.