woman with blowout haircutThe Blowout Haircut


Another great reason to come to BlownCity is to get a blowout haircut. Yes, the option is available for you to get a much-needed cut or trim and the blowout hair you’ve been craving all in one sitting.

Why Get A Blowout Haircut?

You can come in and enjoy a luxurious wash, then a cut to freshen up your look or change it completely (whatever you’re in the mood for). And to top it all off, you’ll walk out with perfectly styled blowout hair.

You may wonder what the point is in going to a blowdry bar for a blowout when you have a hair dryer at home. We get it. However, in a time and culture where presentation is everything, a quality blowout is invaluable.

Not only does coming to BlownCity mean you get a lavish wash and a great cut, but a blowout haircut is the gift that keeps on giving. You will look fabulous when you leave the blowout bar, and professionally blown out hair stays in place, so you’ll keep that look for longer than if you’d done it on your own at home. It’s just another perk of leaving it to the professionals. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to come to BlownCity weekly for the style and ease of a quality blowout style.

BlownCity Is The Answer

BlownCity is not just your standard blow dry bar. Our staff is warm and welcoming and our salon stays sparkly and clean at all times. We do our best to make your blowout experience as luxurious as possible, and we even offer complimentary wine or champagne to sip on while you are getting the royal treatment.

Don’t let your unruly hair slow you down or discourage you. Come to BlownCity for a blowout haircut and let us tame those tresses so that your locks can be lush and lovely for days!

We also offer monthly packages. We know you won’t necessarily need a blowout haircut every week, but a blowout once a month is a heavenly solution to your hair stress.

Have a big event? Schedule your blowout haircut with us. Is regular daily life weighing you down? Stop by BlownCity today. Not only is the whole experience pretty therapeutic, a blowout can absolutely add a touch of posh style and a boost of confidence to your day, or even week! After all, it’s hard to be in a bad mood on a good hair day.

Who says you have to wait for weddings or black tie events to have fabulous hair? BlownCity makes it practical and affordable to enjoy the luxury of a blowout year-round.